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While many talk about it, few really know what medical transcription entails. And we are proud to say that
we are expert in the Language of Medicine.

Goldbit International is the most professional medical transcription service. NZH Technologies has been
providing the medical community with reliable, accurate, and economical transcription services for more
than three years now.

Mission Statement :
"To provide accurate and top-quality Medical Transcription Services to individual doctors, institutions,
hospitals, and practices at a competitive price, and deliver in an expedient, professional, and user
friendly manner, using the latest in Information Technology".

Our Capacity :
We have both in-house and home-based setups of local medical transcribers. With a setup of more than
50 workstations and a work force of over 100 experienced MTs and medical doctors, GBI’s current
production facility is over 2 million lines per month which increases with every passing month due to
continuous process of in-house training.

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