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Quality of Service

Quality of Service (QOS)

At GBI, stringent quality checks are being applied at every stage. GBI adheres to the norms stipulated
by leading medical transcription bodies at the international level.

To ensure high customer satisfaction & error-free end product, we, at GBI, have adopted
strict & comprehensive quality control systems. We have top-of-the line Equipment & Infrastructure. We
also have detailed manuals to chart work flows starting from communication, project management,
internal work setup, manpower training, quality checks and measures, delivery & other procedural

Quality checks & Measures

Each transcription is Manually Proofread by a medical doctor. We have one Proofreading terminal
dedicated for every three transcription stations. All transcription is spell-checked with automated and
latest medical spelling dictionaries. We use instant Internet access to search for the most recent drugs,
diseases, surgical equipment, and procedures. The medical dictionaries are routinely updated with new
drug names, medical procedures, etc. All finished work is examined for your required format. We take
great care to assure both you and ourselves that the work leaving our office is accurate.

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